If you were to put the events of my life into a bulleted list, it might not seem like that interesting of a story:

  • i grew up in a small town in north lake tahoe

  • got a degree in photography

  • did some traveling

  • fell in love

  • started a business

The thing is, I’m not a series of events or bullet points… none of us are. Rather, we are a series of stories – long and short, interwoven and complex – and I’ve come to believe that the richness in life is found in sharing the details of our stories with the people we love.

I’m a dreamer, and though I’m forever scheming up insanely complex projects with the very loftiest aspirations, the truth is that I was drawn to photography specifically because it gave me the means to tell those complex human stories in a simple, honest way.

Call, write, or send a carrier pigeon… I’d love to help you tell yours.