Originally introduced in the 1850’s, “tintype” photography involves creating an image directly onto a metal plate using an authentic wet collodion process. Later replaced by the instant photo booths and polaroid cameras of the 1950’s, tintypes were the original instant photo and were particularly popular with civil war soldiers and street photographers because of their accessibility and durability. Tintype portraits have distinctive imperfections unique to the process that lend an authenticity and immortality to the photograph that is often lacking in digital images.

In an age when smart phones and compact digital cameras have nearly obliterated the art of print photography, Riley MacLean is one of only a few artists in the world taking the time to preserve this 150 year-old craft, creating remarkable vintage tintypes in about 20 minutes, start to finish. Make an appointment today to experience history first-hand and create an heirloom piece that will last for generations to come.